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“How To Get Your Motorcycle Up & Running -
The Shop Manual For All Years Makes & Models?
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Written, published, produced and promoted
by Leigh & Randy Ellis.
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This book was easy to use and understand, unlike most technical manuals out there. I highly recommend it!


John, Seattle, Wa.

I spoke to Randy this morning and came by and bought your book. Great book! It helped me understand a lot more.

Thanks again for all you help. You and Randy are quickly making a lifetime customer out of me! No one else will take the time to talk common sense with a customer these days. I work at Boeing and I plan to spread the word on how helpful your guys have been.

Thanks again for all your words of advice and support. Were it not for your book and friendly advice I'd be putting these bikes on the market to let someone else fight with them. But after following the steps in your book and systematically going through the process of troubleshooting, the quad is running great and I am convinced the bike will too with a new cable. Your book saved me a ton of money! (Not to mention I am still married!) :-)




This book is exactly what I was looking for....but i didn't even know it. I saw a posting on Craig's List.Org in San Francisco. Someone posted a note suggesting this book and provided a web site link.

Thanks again,

Brandon Woll

I have never worked on a motorcycle before, but with the help of this book I was able to get my Honda Rebel running. It's a great book for anyone, regardless of their experience, or lack thereof.

Linda, Bellevue, Wa.

Hey Guys!

Thanks for writing this book - I really appreciate it. I got my bike (a 1984 Honda Magna) up and running after it had been setting for over 10 years. Great book, easy to understand, and written with the average Joe in mind.

James Farthingale

About 3 weeks ago, having just purchased two used bikes from 2 different private parties I started having a few problems with the bikes. One was an 89 RM250 and the other an 88 TRX250 quad.

I called all the normal cycle shops in this area and received pretty much the same answer from all of them. Both bikes are "too old" for them to be worked on by those shops. So I was left on my own. No one would give me any info on fixing either bike and the service manuals while good, just weren't enough to get either bike running well.

Then while browsing Craig's List I ran across a listing for Randy and Leigh's class on motorcycle repair. I then suddenly remembered that for years I had driven past this little motorcycle repair shop in the heart of Everett. Randy's Cycle.

So I fired off a couple e-mails and followed it up with a phone call. Not only did they respond, they responded with tons of FREE advice. They SPOKE to me like normal people and never once complained that my bikes were "too old". Frankly, had I been a little more comfortable working on my bikes I probably could have fixed both with the free advice Randy gave me both on the phone and in emails. But after much conversation I realized that a trip to their shop to buy their book was a step I should take for my own education on bikes!

So I traveled there on a SUNDAY and Randy opened up just long enough to sell me a book, even though the shop was closed that day. Was the book cheap? At first glance I'd say no, it was not. It was $60. To me that seemed like a lot of money for a book. But I need to get my bikes fixed and the info looked great when I browsed the book. So was the book good once I got to read all of it? Yup. Damn good. And pairing it with my service manual made it invaluable. So yeah, I guess maybe it WAS cheap. I mean $60 ain't much for a lifetime of knowledge. And essentially that is what I got. A book that complimented my service manual with a common sense approach that gave me the confidence to repair my own bikes.

I took the book home and within 2 days I had both bikes up and running. The Quad now runs perfectly and as soon as my parts arrive at the Suzuki dealership the other bike will be running perfect also. So why on earth would I buy the parts from the dealership and not Randy's Cycle??? Because that is where Randy suggested I buy them. Sure he probably could have ordered the parts himself and marked them up and sold them to me. But he didn't. He simply guided me to do what I needed to do to get my bike running. And that included telling me to order the parts myself from a dealer.

So yeah, take this for what it's worth, but if you have read this far know this....Randy and Leigh have been fair, honest, and decent to me and I won't hesitate to contact them again when the time comes and I need more help.

Mr. "B"

$60.00 for a “how-to?book!! You’ve got to be kidding me!

Well that was what I was thinking before I found out what the motorcycle shops in my area charge for getting my motorcycles running.

The lowest rate was $75.00 an hour, and the highest rate was $95.00 an hour! I had 3 bikes that had been setting for years that I wanted to get running.

I also found out that most of the shops would not work on my bikes because of there age - too old, they said.

The one shop that would work on my bikes - the shop quoting $95.00 an hour, wanted me to authorize 4 to 6 hours, plus the cost of parts EACH, just to get them started.

Also, each bike would need to have a tune & service done and their gas tanks needed to be lined and the carbs needed to be rebuilt.

So I coughed up the $60 bucks and ordered ?
“How To Get Your Motorcycle Up & Running?br>
Well I am not what you would call the most mechanically inclined so I figured that I had just wasted $60 bucks.

But when I got the book and I started to read it, I realized that this was just what I needed - a step-by-step guide to getting a motorcycle running.

The authors had broken the how-to process of getting a motorcycle running down into just 3 simple to understand steps, and then they walk you through the process.

Everything I needed to know was there.

Once I got the first bike running I had more than enough confidence to get the other two running.

I have since been taking in some bikes on the side, and making them run for cash !!

$60 bucks for this book? I guess it depends on how you look at it.

For less than 1 hours labour in a shop, I have more than paid for the book and the parts I needed for my bikes, plus I put some money in my pocket!

Now I am glad I spent the $60 bucks.

Thanks Leigh & Randy for writing this book.

Bill Kump

Saw the book “How To Get Your Motorcycle Up & Running?on the net
and bought it the same hour. No regrets. Spoke to Randy on the phone on some bike issues even before the book arrived and he was ever willing to explain. Thanks and have a good day. Cheers,

Tom. Shreveport , LA.

Yes, I have received my "up and running" book .

I read about your book on Craigslist and thought it might be a good idea. I had a little 1980 Kawasaki 250 street bike that was physically too small for me and I hadn't gotten it running, so rather than invest anymore time or money, I gave it to a friend with whom I work. He had it running in 2 evenings.

That convinced me that I needed a little direction, because I also have a 1981 Yamaha 500 V twin that I DO want to get up and running. Yours is the only book addresses the subject, so I thought I'd take a gamble.

I know that not too long ago, CYCLE WORLD did an article on a group ride on bikes that had been acquired for $1000 or less and I really think that there are a lot of people like me out here. We don't have a great deal that we want to invest, even though we'd like to buy newer, family obligations keep the budget smaller and we don't mind tinkering a little, we just need some direction.

Thanks for writing this book, it looks great.. Andy Holmes

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